Realize There’s No Reason To Envy Your Ex’s New Life

By Melanie Tonia Evans 

dorian-gray-ben-barnes-1 (2)

Don’t Envy The Narcissist

Please do not envy your ex narcissist. Because the plight for narcissists is the same for anyone who keeps extracting from life in order to avoid themself.  Eventually the ability and energy to get out of bed every day and feed the insatiable need to offset the inner demons runs out.

Narcissist get old and sick, they lose their looks, their charm and their charisma. They lose their formidable ability to seduce, dominate and intimidate people. They are not the immortal Gods they would like to think they are. Eventually all narcissists end up facing their tormented self that they have made a lifelong career of avoiding.

They Eventually Must Face Their Tortured Self

Eventually, just like the picture of Dorian Gray one day the narcissist comes face to face with their most horrifying nightmare – the tortured self that no amount of avoidance, materiality, manipulation, exploits or lies could avoid.

They meet the real tortured self that bears no resemblance to the pathologically constructed False Self.  When this occurs the narcissist has no time left to do anything about it…it’s the end of the line, there are no solutions and the ghastly portrait doesn’t lie.

No Loving Memories

The narcissist does not have the privilege of loving memories, of the knowing of contribution, or the feelings of having lived a great and solid life of integrity in order to accept his or her mortality and die peacefully.

Instead the narcissist is a ‘machine’ based on only the immediate need for narcissistic supply, which has to be constantly fed to relieve a tortured soul. Therefore the tortured soul is ‘the last reality standing’.

Don’t Buy Into The Illusion

So don’t buy into the ridiculous illusion the narcissist is having a great life and re-read this article every time you entertain those thoughts…

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