Finding Help With No Money

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From John David Hoag, Training, Coaching, Therapy


Unfortunately for many ‘leavees,’ just at the time they could use my (or some other experienced professional’s) services the most as they endeavor to recreate their lives and heal, they are also dealing with financial hardships that preclude my services even at a deeply discounted rate.

Think at least 18 months of weekly 2-hour sessions. At any reasonable, professional rate, that adds up. (Insurance does not cover NLP sessions). I wish I could lower my rates even more for them, but realistically, for me, that is not an option.


I recommend that ‘leavees’ do a deep web search for inexpensive opportunities to talk with others, especially in person if that is possible. Many counties have free counselors who are well trained, and many self help groups such as “ACA”, while not necessarily directly relevant to the “leavee’s” experiences they do offer places to speak your truth and be heard in a safe environment.

It may take some searching across many venues and helpers, but persistence may produce helpful connections. Beginning NLP Practitioners may also have a wealth of life experience to offer and may be willing to help for free or at very low rates. Consider contacting your local NLP training institutes for referrals.

Stay tuned to this website. I may have additional, inexpensive resources coming soon.

— John David Hoag, Training, Coaching, Therapy

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