Primer On Relationships – Love 101

Help 101 ~ The Primer On All Relationships

EVERYONE needs to listen to this.  Once our children reach high school, they should be made to listen to this.  This should be mandatory curriculum for high schools, colleges, and church study groups. It’s that good.

So, if you have come to this website, you are either in or are curious about learning about fixing the hurt caused by crazy relationships. Having been through all of the above, I can tell you that the only thing you can fix is YOURSELF.

This is a wonderful audio! It is entertaining yet it covers an extremely important topic of why/how we subconsciously manage to get ourselves into painful relationships in the first place, leaving us with hope as how to protect ourselves on a go-forward basis. The speaker presents very serious material in a manner that makes you laugh, yet at the same time, if we’re honest with ourselves, we can see exactly how we took the detours that landed us where we are. Detours and choices that caused us so much pain and perhaps turned our homes and families upside down.

Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up and relax, or copy the URL and download to your Ipod or IPhone and listen in your car. I suggest you listen to it several times to get it all.

So, before we start looking externally, let’s start by looking at us, because, after all … WE were the ones who sent vibes telegraphing that we’d accept such treatment in the first place.

Be well!

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