Naivety Is Your Greatest Enemy

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If you’ve been suddenly abandoned by a narcissistic spouse, you may be in so much pain that you remain unaware of just how much you are and have been being exploited.

When you do finally realize this (and trust me, the time will come and you WILL realize that his/her criticisms, blaming and tactics of control were only smoke screens used to divert everyone’s attention away from their tactics) you may still find it very difficult to comprehend that your ex is a disordered person who lacks a conscience and no longer shares the same moral values as you.

It is important that you realize this as soon as possible!

In these cases, naivety is the great enemy. The sooner you realize this, the sooner your healing will take place.

As a suffering left-behind spouse, no doubt you will be bewildered, confused, and frightened. However, after reaching the enlightenment phase, you will become very angry. It is this anger (whether that anger is directed toward your spouse for abandoning you, or at yourself for being so naive and gullible) that will propel you into the action to get on with rebuilding an even better life.

In these cases, anger is a good thing. Stop being shocked and get mad.

Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out.

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