About This Site

Clear Vision


I think in word pictures. Perhaps I have adult ADD or I am simply too busy, but for whatever reason, my mind prefers to “see” information. It always has.

It seems like when whenever I am struggling to comprehend something and I’m not getting it, if I see an appropriate visual aid, it instantly bypasses all the static/noise in my head and goes straight to the place of immediate comprehension, recall, and express-ability. It’s like I have this “aha!” moment. Like a Connect Four game, all the checker  pieces shift and fall neatly into place. A mental form of defragmenting a hard drive if you will.


As I went through my own Hell of abandonment recently, I read and researched everything I could get my hands on, trying to try to find an answer for something that was utterly incomprehensible. Most of what I found was text, and some of it was even audio … but not nearly enough graphic or video for my tastes.


So, to keep what I KNEW in my higher mind before my consciousness (when feelings and emotions were ruling the day) I made my own graphical “cliff notes” for each of the concepts I was learning from my study of the various websites. These cliff notes were the reality check that I took out and slapped myself up the side of the head with when needed.  I had them in my computer, set as my screen savers, taped on my bathroom mirror, in my journals, in my nightstand drawers, in my purse, on my smart phone, on my IPad, and wherever else I could think to put them.


Then one day I got the idea to use a blog as a repository for my photojournalistic notes. It was a great way for me to express my creativity and love for graphics. My first project was finding stock photography to illustrate what I should have said to my hubby as he was walking out the door … “Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out!”

I then began to do my own personal “illustrations” and layouts of what I saw in my mind as I read some of the articles that I found so helpful; articles that are now near and dear to my heart. It grew to so many pages that I had to start categorizing them. Friends encouraged me to actually publish the site.


Today, the purpose of the site is solely for the purpose of making my audio/visuals and graphic enhanced essays with others, who like me, may benefit from seeing the information repackaged with graphical aids. This blog site is not a business, sells no products, charges no fees, has no ads, and is not engaged in rendering any kind of service.

The only goal of this site is hare information and promote the websites that I found to be life-changing … pointing any readers to the source sites for additional information and help.

No copyright infringement is intended. Readers are encouraged to visit recommended websites directly.


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