Say Thank You For The Gift

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The Gift: Your New Life

Whatever your story and whatever you’re going through, or have gone through …. don’t let it take your vitality. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off. Don’t waste one more minute on him/her.

By wasting even one minute on them, you let them keep hurting you. And when you do, they are still in control and that’s what they want. Rather than dwelling on the past, use your thought processes on rebuilding your new life.

I’ve been there too, so I know that you feel disrespected in a way that seems bottomless. Please know that I respect you. Know that God respects you. Know that your many friends here on this blog respect you. We’re all behind you. And soon, you’ll be with us on the other side of the hurt and this will be nothing more than a shrinking memory in your rear view mirror.

You may not know us yet, and it may be hard to believe based on what just happened to you, but unlike others in your life, we’ve got your back!

3 comments on “Say Thank You For The Gift

  1. I’ve read almost your entire site and everything is spot on! I just discovered this site today and already it’s helped me allot! My wife abandoned me almost 3 weeks ago and the hurt is tremendous. Thank You so much for what you are doing here!!!!!

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