There IS Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Alice in wonderland

You WILL Make It

I’m happy to report that after much blood, sweat, and tears, I now am at truly at peace. I no longer feel that sharp pain whenever my ex’s name is mentioned, or when I go to restaurants or other places we  frequented together.

Although it’s been a crazy ride, my life is moving in the right direction again.  I know and like myself MUCH better, I appreciate the simpler things in life, and most of all, I TAKE TIME TO APPRECIATE the myriad blessings I still have.  (Hint: they’re the PEOPLE that are already in your life but that you probably never appreciated as you should.)  Because of what I have been through, I have such compassion for what you are going through.

Since I have been given such grace to have survived this, I want to share every resource I found along the way. Perhaps  something you read or download here just might be that one thing that gets you through your day.

And that’s all you need.  Just one day ….. then you get through two days ….. soon you’ll get through a week …. and later you’ll surprise yourself when it suddenly dawns on you that you are making it just fine without him or her.

It’ll be okay.  It just takes some time.

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