Here To Help You

Break free of contacts shutterstock_2564118 (Small)It is for the purpose of helping others that this blog will exist.

This blog is dedicated to anyone (male or female) experiencing the agony of being abandoned by a spouse or significant other, left stunned and bewildered – wondering how to go on. You will find here advice, reading material, humor, music, and other tools to help you make your way through your Dark Night Of The Soul.

Had it not been for a handful of great friends and family members who served as my “breakup buddies”, I would not still be here today.  They spent countless hours talking with me, letting me rehash the same drama over and over, soothing me while I cried incessantly, holding me while I vomited and shook from panic attacks, and opening my curtains and forcing me to dress myself and go out of the house.

They were never too busy or too selfish to take my call.  Day or night they would drop whatever they were doing and stay on the phone with me until each successive crisis passed.  They comforted me from their beds at night, they reassured me while they were walking through the malls as they shopped, they excused themselves from family gatherings and dinners to talk to me, and they always checked on me several times a day on weekend/holidays.

It is because if them, I am here today.  Just as there is a place in hell for people who hurt people like this if they never repent, there is a special place in heaven for these angels on earth. Because of their selflessness, I am happy and healthy today, and not in the grave, or heavily medicated in a mental institution as they will all tell you was their concern at the time.

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