You’ll Smile Again … Trust Me

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Your Day Will Come Again

It may not feel like it now, but you will get to a place that you will stand a little straighter with your newly strengthened self-worth having faced the fear and rejection and gotten through it. It will get to the place that whenever he or she crosses your mind, you won’t feel pain. You’ll become firm in your stance that if someone didn’t want you and they wanted someone else, you’re above groveling to be loved.

You may have been in a situation where your ex thought that he/she could have the other person and that you’d (pitifully) wait patiently in the wings as a second choice in the event that it didn’t work out between them and he/she wanted to come back. I promise you that you will get to the point that your reaction to him/her leaving you will be to shrug your shoulders and say “oh well … their loss”…… with no more emotion than that.

Also, you WILL get to the point that you will chuckle, rather than feel hatred, whenever you think of the other man or woman who is now with your ex. If you really think about it … they’re a great match for each other.  In fact, they deserve each other.  Anyone who would knowingly cohabit with someone who is still married (with an abandoned family) is a perfect match for someone who could walk away from their family and responsibilities.  Like attracts like.

So, now that The Universe has sent you the very clear message that it’s time to be on your own again, go out there and enjoy your new life. What are you waiting for? Time’s-a-wastin’!

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