Long Story Short: Abandoning Is The Ultimate Power Play

Dummy up!  Dr. Simon explains the main thing that will keep you from realizing what’s going on and seeing  the Mack Truck that (intentionally) ran you over when your dear darling dumped you with no notice.  He/she would love nothing better than for you to think that they’re having a mid-life crisis or that they are unconsciously compensating for some unmet need way back in their childhood. Doing so will keep you stuck. Stuck thinking about his/her needs and not seeing their behavior for what it is … an offensive power tactic.

Realize it sweetheart. You’re late to the dance. You’re whining and crying over this loser and he is she is long gone and partying hardy. The only one who doesn’t see it for what it is … is you. Repeat after me, “It’s not what people say… It’s what they actually DO.” And they just dumped you like yesterday’s garbage.

Not convinced? Then look over there Pollyanna. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.)

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