Will You Hold My Blame For Me Please?

Blaming and rationalization are the weapons of impression management that offenders use to get you and others to buy that their actions were justified so you will stop confronting them and attempting to hold them accountable.  Dr. Simon presents here that whenever you see these behaviors you can be certain that the behavior is going to happen again.  When it comes to a wrongful behavior, there simply is no excuse. Accepting excuses only “enables” that the behavior will occur again.

One of the most common questions that plague those who have been suddenly dumped and/or left behind is “Does he/she KNOW what they’ve done?”

Of course thy do!

If they didn’t, they wouldn’t need to make excuses and try to peddle them to us to buy.  The sooner you come to see your “Disturbed Character” for what he/she is … the sooner you will be able to move on with our life and get back to being happy again. The ext time he/she attempts to hand you their box of snakes to hold, you don’t have to accept them.

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