Gimme One Reason

Like the words in this song,  people often say this kind of thing when they’re walking out.  In the case of a Narcissist, be careful.  Be VERY careful!

If you’re dealing with a Narcissist, it is imperative that you see this for what it is  … their way of making it YOUR fault that they are leaving.

Mine tried something like this, standing and holding me, crying like a baby, saying that it was “tearing his heart out to do this” but that he “had to.”  In my case, my ex was a card-carrying Borderline Personality(diagnosed by a psychiatrist), so he may have actually felt that way at that particular (fleeting-and-soon-to-change) time.

In any event, the point here is to watch for these tactics. They will try to pull on your heart-strings, but in reality is it nothing more than a slick way to bait you and make it seem like their choice is your choice. The song is predicated on the thought, “You gotta make me change my mind.”  We all know that no one “makes” anyone do anything. People make their own choices. Face it, their choice is made. Be polite, put your hand on the knob, and say:

Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

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