My Journey

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Not In Kansas Anymore

It has been nearly two years since my husband suddenly walked out. I am having a cup of coffee where I used to come and sit in my car and watch people come and go. I say that I came here to watch people, but more often than not I’d just cry.

However, this time I am not crying. I have no gripping fear, no nausea, no panic attacks, and no self-doubt. There is truth to the adage that time heals all wounds. Time, ah yes….. Not to mention thousands and thousands of people’s prayers.

I Am A Very Different Person

I sit here and I look around at the scenery. It all looks the same.  But I am not the same.  Although I still recall the weeks and months of crying here every night, there is only a solemn silence and inner peace knowing that I have put this ordeal behind me and (hopefully) learned whatever lesson God wants me to take with me to the next chapter of my life.

You will reach that point too.

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