Unnanounced Demolition

Fotolia_18031931_Subscription_XXL (Small)

Hey Dummy, The Crane Should Have Been A Tip Off! 

Looking back, what I know for certain is that my husband of almost three decades had a few unresolved “issues” … and he probably did from the first day I met him … but I was just too infatuated to see it.

Nonetheless, I loved him very deeply—more intensely than I have ever loved anyone or anything else in my life. That said, loving him cost me plenty—more than I will ever give up again.

His “love” turned out to be a wrecking ball that came through my life that winter morning and demolished everything that I knew (at that point) to be my life, everything that (at the time) defined me.  Capriciously and instant demolition by design as it turns out. There was a Grand Plan unfolding, and only a couple of people knew about that plan. Unfortunately, I was not one of them.

Looking back, I guess I should’ve asked about the crane parked outside the house, huh? 🙂

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