Case Closed

wooden gavel on wooden table, on brown background

Case Closed – The Witnesses Will Not Be Permitted To Speak 

It wasn’t my ex wanting to leave the marriage that was so bad; marriages break up all the time. It was the WAY he went about it. It was the blatant betrayal and the deceit that was so hard to take.

I’ve thought about it a lot.  There simply is no way to reframe the manner in which he left to make it excusable. No matter how you recount the event, it was cruel, manipulating, underhanded, deceitful, humiliating, financially devastating, mentally torturous … forever changing the fabric of many lives.

The way he treated me when he left was of total disrespect.

The message his behavior conveyed (remember, it’s not what people SAY, it’s what people DO) was that after 29 years of marriage, I was not worthy of even a modicum of respect. He wouldn’t even dignify my existence with an opportunity for dialogue, forewarning, notice, or the minimal general civilities one would give another person simply because they are human.

And that I will never forget! 

Talk about arrogance! HE knew what was best for all of us.

Let the record show: You Win.  Case closed. Fait accompli.

Now … Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out.

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