Turning The Screws

Screwing down credit

Turning The Screws

During the 6 week period before he moved overseas to join his honey, my husband adhered to his No Contact directive like a pro. That said, he took apparent delight in deviating from his new girlfriend’s no contact mandate to notify me every few days after he had severed yet another tie from our life together (taking himself off the car insurance, changing his beneficiary, closing out bank accounts, taking my name off credit cards, filing change of address cards, notifying utility companies, taking things out of his name, etc.) all without the courtesy of consulting me.

In one such conversation, he told me that he knew that he ran the risk of “rotting in hell” for what he was doing to me. He also said that he knew full well that someday he may “die drunk, face-down in the gutter … all alone”, but as he so proudly declared by slamming his hand down on the dashboard of the car, “At least it will be MY choice!”

Okay. Well there you have then. Check mark! Got it!

Wishing you well, and please, as I said before … Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out.

Bell hope gesturing to enter.Hotel staff.Square format.

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