The Other Woman

beautiful brunette girl with a snake around her head

I used to puzzle about the Other Woman, but no longer.

It was hard for me to wrap my head around how the woman my husband left me for could be a willing party to purposely nuking another woman’s marriage and destroying a family’s entire life. I mean, it wasn’t like we’d just been dating and she broke us up. This was a 29 year marriage. 

BS Detector Turned Off And Already Sipping The Kool-Aid

As a male friend of mine so aptly pointed out to me, the person who walks abruptly out of a relationship (the leaver) often has the uncensored luxury of rewriting the entire history of the marriage or relationship to friends, relatives, in-laws, and new acquaintances, totally free of rebuttal of the person left behind (the leavee). Pretty convenient, huh?

There’s not a doubt in my mind that Dear Hubs’ story line went something like, “Our marriage has been over for years …” or “We’ve been having problems for a long time” or the default “We’ve been staying together for the kids” (till our son goes to college, etc).

News to me. Like so many other women abandoned suddenly, he sent love letters, cards, expensive gifts, jewelry, and loving emails right up until the time he left. I realize now that these items were being sent and given so as to not arouse any suspicion while their plan was playing out.

Think About It … He/She Couldn’t Possibly Be That Bright

In my case, I suspect the new woman had either been sipping Dear Hubby’s Kool-Aid for a while and/or she had her own reasons to turn her BS detector off. (Ironically, she is a licensed psychologist so she should understand and have ethical boundaries regarding these types of issues.) Obviously she does not, so this tells me that she went right into this tryst with her eyes wide open, so she deserves what he dishes out to her.

Bottom line is that she might have an advanced degree, but it doesn’t appear to me that she’s all that bright.  I’m just sayin’.

Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

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