Not A Looker?

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Adding Insult To Injury

Don’t build up the new man or woman in your ex’s life as being some sort of fashion plate or runway model. You may actually be shocked when you first see his/her picture.

Research shows that abandoning spouses often leave for much less attractive people. Most of the time men leave for women of a lesser station in life, although this is not always the case. Some men leave for another woman’s money, proximity to the elite or accomplished, or corporate lifestyle, as I suspect mine may have.

But remember, it’s not about aesthetics or beauty. It’s about how the new love interest makes the departing partner FEEL about himself or herself that is the attraction. Unlike you, the new lover makes him or her feel sexy, young, free of responsibility (insert whatever variable you wish to here).

Remember, without you knowing it, they ruled that you didn’t adequately meet their ego gratification needs. The drive to get this need met was deep enough that he/she felt it was worthy of imploding your entire life together. It’s not any more complicated than that.

So, don’t waste any time or energy on it.  Wish them well and move on with your life. Admit that you were asleep at the switch and work on YOURSELF. Got it?

Now that you know where you stand, smile graciously, and (repeat after me, ladies and gentlemen) recite the mantra.

“Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out.”

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