Advice To The New Woman or Man

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To the New Man Or Woman: Someday You Will Understand

While you are left sputtering in the aftermath of a break-up or divorce from someone who is self-absorbed, he/she more than likely has already replaced you with a new admirer. Even if you were together for decades, if they are have narcissistic tendencies (or worse yet, full Narcissistic Personality Disorder) they had no problem discarding you like yesterday’s trash. If you were married to him/her, the new relationship will most likely start before the ink has had a chance to dry on your divorce papers.

Narcissists desperately need to be admired for the False Self they project to the world, so once he finds a new woman who falls for it, he goes into full pursuit mode. He lavishes attention on her and tells her she is the most beautiful and special woman he has ever met.

Naturally, she is nothing like you or any of his other exes who never appreciated him properly. He tells everyone that you were a cold shrew who never gave him enough affection, took advantage of him financially and/or broke his poor little heart.

The new woman just can’t believe it. Here is a handsome and charming man who is everything she ever dreamed of, and someone was stupid enough to let him go?!

If only she knew. (She will.)

Please view the original source for additional information: M. Bartosch

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