Dr. Diana England

imagesDr. Diane England is a clinical social worker. She has a Ph.D. in clinical social work from the University of Texas at Arlington, a Master of Science degree in family studies from Oregon State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in child development from the University of Maine. Most recently, she authored the book, The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship: How to Support Your Partner and Keep Your Relationship Healthy which has been designated a “BEST BOOK OF 2009” by the Library Journal–one of only three self-help books to make the list. This book should prove helpful to all couples impacted by Post-Traumatic Stress disorder or PTSD. However, Dr. England wrote this book especially for the partner of the PTSD sufferer. (By the way, Dr. England would appreciate you telling other people about this self-help book because you never know who might be suffering silently and needlessly because of PTSD).Dr. Diane England was writing about other subjects before she began writing on PTSD. That’s because she was impacted negatively by a marriage that was filled with her husband’s narcissism, addictions, and abuse while she was codependent or suffered from codependency.

“Indeed, I was spiritually bankrupt at the time I first met my husband,” Dr. Diane England will tell you. “However, I didn’t recognize this and thus, I didn’t start to work on my own issues until after sending my husband off to treatment for his alcoholism and addiction to prescription pills.”

While Dr. England’s husband did return about three and a half months later a sober man–and seemingly committed to remaining so–Dr. Diane England chose to leave the marriage. “He was still being verbally abusive and frankly, I suspected that after all that had transpired, it would be difficult for me to be there and support him in the way his narcissism seemed to demand. Actually, I didn’t leave immediately, or I was there to lend support for about five months—and then I departed.”

Dr. England authored a book that was inspired by her own bad marriage and how it became the springboard to recovery. “My recovery process took me down a pathway I wouldn’t have ever imagined for myself during those days of darkness in my marriage,” Dr. Diane England said. Her agent, although he felt she’d written an important book, wasn’t able to sell it at the time. “I believed then, as I do today, that if I had to push too hard to make something happen, it probably wasn’t meant to be–at least not right then. And actually, my agent said something to that effect, too–that the timing wasn’t right. Shortly thereafter, however, I had the opportunity to move abroad to live and work. It was an opportunity that fulfilled a dream I’d harbored since my teens—and that t I’d never have had a chance to realize if the book had sold,” Dr. England professed.

Diane England, Ph.D. left the city of Dallas where she had lived for fifteen years, and she headed to northern Italy to become a civilian clinical social worker in the mental health clinic at a NATO base filled predominantly with Air Force, but some members of the Army and their families were stationed there permanently, too. “I spearheaded family violence and suicide prevention initiatives—both of which would later prove helpful experiences in writing The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship. However, the experience of working with the military and their families in Italy showed me how tough the military life could be on both the member and the partner without adding PTSD to the mix. Thus, when I was presented with the opportunity to write The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship, I jumped on it.”

But before she wrote that book, Dr. Diane England pulled out some of the material she had written earlier. “I was thinking about self-publishing the book my agent hadn’t been able to sell and entering the world of internet marketing,” Diane England commented. “I revised the book, but I still haven’t done anything with it to this day. I did develop the website http://www.NarcissismAddictionsAbuse.com, though, as well as I wrote articles for other sites.I covered not only his narcissism, addictions, and abuse, but I talked about her likely codependency and need to become coodependent no moroe through recovery based upon personal development and spiritual growth.”

Dr. Diane England will tell you that she was fortunate to get that website launched. “I just wasn’t a techie and by this time, I was living in rural New Hampshire. A neighbor who’d worked with computers at Dartmouth helped me to launch it, but I never had the skills to make revisions. And then it got hacked. I don’t know how long it sat there that way.”

Just recently, Dr. Diane England decided to replace the old website with a new one. “I decided to take the codependency and recovery articles and place them on a separate website because I thought that this way, people searching on the terns codeoendency, codependent, or codependent no more might actually have a chance of finding them–versus when they were at a website supposedly about narcissism, addictions, and abuse.”

Diane England, Ph.D. hopes that you find her articles on codependency and the codependent helpful–as well as the ones about using personal development and spiritual growth as menas to move beyond codependency. Of course, she also encourages you to visit her other websites.

Go to the website for the PTSD Relationship (see link below) and read about The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder RelationshipL Hoe to Support Your Partner and Keep Your Relationship Healthy . Better yet, buy a copy and share it with a couple you know who’ve been impacted by PTSD. As more and more wounded warriors return, you’re bound to know someone who could be helped by its information and the skills it also teaches.”

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