Melanie Tonia Evans

12-27-2012 6-11-56 PM

Melanie Tonia Evans

I cannot recommend this site enough and this woman enough!  This woman has the corner on the market on understanding Narcissists in my opinion. When I started listening to her podcasts and reading her articles is when I really made a turn. It was only then that I was able to change my thinking about what had happened and get myself out of reliving what had happened and trying to find a rational reason for it.

Cliff notes: I was stunned by her comment that I had, indeed, attracted this kind of treatment by my belief systems and what I chose to believe.  What the …?!!!!!! Yes, it was true.

It was only by seeing that I had invited this treatment that my righteous indignation (that I’d been desperately trying to evoke to no avail) woke up with full force. I saw how absolutely pathetic I had been, and how calculated my ex had been to exploit his advanced knowledge of my “nice” side.

Her blog prompted me to look at ME and I set me out on my journey to fix ME.  To heck with my ex … he was no longer any of my concern … he’d have to fix himself  … IF that were even possible.

You may even see some of her content paraphrased or referenced here on this blog. This is not in any way to infringe on her copyright or to add anything to what she has already said, but because I want people to see what I saw in my mind when I heard her say these things. I see things in pictures and if I can help one person out there by adding a graphic or a song to further crystalize and embed the concept in someone else’s mind, then perhaps I too have helped by paying it forward.

If you are able, I suggest you invest in an Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, or whatever and be sure to listen to all of the podcasts.  They’re awesome! (Did I say they’re awesome?!)  Thanks Mel.  I hope to meet you some day.


One comment on “Melanie Tonia Evans

  1. I cannot thank the universe enough for coming across this blessing by Melanie Tonia Evans. Excellent, I have been struggling with NARC abuse for almost two years and only until I came through these sites that I feel I making the real shift in my head. Thank you thank you thank you

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