One comment on “Who Does This Kind of Thing?!

  1. Not if you’re the one being emotionally abused! Abandonment maybe the only way out if you’re in an abusive relationship. I was emotionally abused for years (given the silent treatment for days or weeks at a time over and over again) and in the end I thought the only way out was to leave. Leaving meant leaving (abandoning) my marriage and my kids who were teens at the time. I thought they were old enough to understand, but they never forgave me for leaving and though I kept in touch and they talked to (or argued with) me at first, he (or someone-grandparents) caused them (by bad mouthing me) to stop talking to me a few months later. After more than 13 years my son still won’t talk to me and my daughter and I only barely have a relationship. To accuse me of being a narcissist for leaving my abusive husband is like a smack in the face, yet you write this article: You can’t have it both ways. Am I a narcissist or was I right to leave an abusive relationship?

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